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We exist to empower, and support people in Hong Kong and globally to use hypnotherapy for optimum health. Our aim is to elevate the ethical and professional standards for this discipline and to educate the public about the benefits of hypnotherapy in the mental health and medical fields. We are a non-profit institution seeking to improve the mental healthcare in Hong Kong.
Our Mission:

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a state of focused attention where an individual is more accepting of suggestions. This discipline is approved by many medical and psychological associations in the world, more commonly used in hospitals. Its applications include stress, anxiety, pain management, preparation prior to medical procedures, phobias…

What do we do?

We register hypnotherapists that have shown sufficient level of competence, ethics and care
We develop hypnotherapy standards in Hong Kong
We handle complaints related to hypnotherapists on our register
We assess the qualification and ethics of prospective members

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    Why do we exist?

    In the absence of a licencing or registration system for any type of psychotherapists in Hong Kong and in light of the many advancements in the usage of hypnotherapy, we are setting standards that will enhance the level of care provided to the public.

    The public can only rely on a voluntary registration system to gauge the skills of a hypnotherapist. The Hong Kong Hypnotherapy Association is providing that registration system.

    Voluntary registration indicates that the hypnotherapist:
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    How do we do it?

    It is sometimes difficult to assess qualifications. Affiliation with an international institution is no mark of approval as it is very difficult to gauge their standards. We only accept applications from practitioners who make evidence-based claims.

    For the Public

    We want to empower you with hypnotherapy, a safe and non-invasive method used by thousands of nurses, doctors, dentists, and hypnotherapists in the world.

    For Hypnotherapists

    You are in the right place if you are a practicing hypnotherapist looking for support and education. Gain more visibility on our register. Sign up today.

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    Questions? Read our F.A.Qs

    Hypnosis is a trance-like state in which a person is more receptive to suggestions. People may induce self-hypnosis on their own or seek the help of a hypnotherapist. Hypnosis also refers to the set of techniques used in therapy.

    Hypnotherapy is a therapy that uses hypnosis to treat patients with various emotional, physical, and mental health conditions.

    Hypnosis can treat conditions such as pain, phobias, anxiety, and addiction. In addition, it can also improve performance, such as in sports or public speaking. Other more well-known applications are quitting smoking and weight loss. Hypnotherapy can also be used as an adjunct to other forms of therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or medical treatment.

    Hypnosis is safe in sessions with certified clinical hypnotherapists who focus on evidence-based hypnosis.