Why Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong

We know that it is not easy to navigate the healthcare system in Hong Kong. We want to help you understand what hypnotherapy can do and what it cannot. With our register you can find a qualified therapist who has shown the required level of care, ethics, and training to qualify.

Hypnotherapy in the medical field

Imagine doctors and nurses using hypnosis to prepare their patients or even heal them outside the operating theatre. This is happening in many hospitals in the world. Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic method approved by many medical associations and institutions.

Hypnotherapy in the field of mental health

We respond to external events based on an internal map of the world. The internal narrative frame the scope of your responses. With hypnosis, you can explore a wider range of healthier options and move away from stress and other mental health issues.

Hypnosis in the field of peak performance

Many athletes have used hypnosis to develop resilience and improve their game. From jockeys, to golf players and boxers, many sports have credited their mental resilience to hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy Applications

Because hypnosis is used by many medical practitioners and psychotherapists, its benefits extend beyond the applications of most mind-body techniques.

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    Hypnosis for Mental health

    Hypnosis for Physical Health

    Hypnosis for Lifestyle Changes

    Hypnosis for Performance

    *If you suffer from pain or clinical depression, we recommend that you consult your doctor. You need to ascertain that there is no physical cause to the pain that would need your immediate attention.

    Unethical Practices

    Unethical practices include past life regression or any other exaggerated claims that are not backed by scientific research and studies.


    If you suffer from psychosis, schizophrenia, you must consult your medical doctor before consulting your hypnotherapists.